Designer furniture in London

designer furniture in London

Designer furniture in London – Who are we?

In the heart of Battersea in the Queenstown design quarter in London is The BrownHouse Interiors; we work tirelessly to provide you with the best designer furniture in London. Our main aim is to cater to your every furniture, design, and furnishing-related need. If you are planning on redesigning your home to give it a new look or extending and remodelling , do not hesitate and make your way to 42 Queenstown Rd London SW8 3RY and get in touch with us, or you can contact us online.

We have the British Academy of Interior Design Postgraduate diploma, which shows that you will not be misguided; the best of the best professionals will cater to your specific needs, as well as many years of hands on experience undertaking large and small projects for our loyal customer base.

What we do?

Our portfolio caters to both commercial and residential. What we do is very simple; we direct all our efforts to make your dream home design come to life. The BrownHouse Interiors is not limited to just one domain; let’s say, for example, that you have an old chair lying around. Well, all you have to do is contact us, and we will do magic with the chair; when the it is as good as new, it will; be ready to be sold.

The story does not end here; we are also experts when it comes to refurbishments, reorganising, and streamlining services. Give your home an upgrade by having us re-design your whole kitchen with handmade furniture. Relax your mind and let the experts get to work and provide you with the best designer furniture in London sourced from our international list of suppliers. On the other hand you can simply pop into our retail store and treat yourself to something new to spruce up your home.

Why contact us?

Your home is your safe haven, your office is where you spend almost half a day, and any place where you spend a majority of your time needs to be raised up to match your style and aesthetic so that you are comfortable at home and at work to. At BrownHouse Interiors, your wish is our command; we aim to provide you with the best designer furniture in London.

There is a huge range of products which are available on the website and the retail shop. If you want to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or add a touch of luxury to it, go online and visit our website to see what we have to offer. Be it round stools for the coffee table or some cushions for the bedroom, The BrownHouse Interiors has the right thing for you and if note will do our utmost to find it using our customer special order service. Our wooden table collection is simply amazing; there are tables available made of different types of wood, which will add a more natural appeal to your home.

On our website, we have the full collection of in stock products and a selection of the items that we can special order for you. Getting a good night’s sleep will no longer be a problem with the variety of light fixtures we haven stop and available to order for you; lighting sets the tone for the room, with calm dimmable light fixtures, you can feel at ease and sleep without worry. With BrownHouse Interiors, your options will never be limited; we have a large variety of products available. With the modern, minimalistic, and contemporary styles all available, we just need a green light from you, and you will have the best designer furniture in London in your own home .

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