Bornholm Throw 100% Wool




Bornholm 140×240 cmDARK NORDIC GREY

Bornholm is one of our nature throws in 100% scandinavian wool.

This series contains several simple designs, sharing the characteristic that only the wool’s natural shades have been used.

Available colour ways are:

Dark Nordic Grey (in main picture)

Light Nordic Grey (the one with the darker square in the centre)

Nordic Grey (the Herringbone one)

Nordic Grey ( diagonal lines )

Grey and White ( the chequered one )

Dark Nordic grey (the striped one )



Wool is a unique natural material. Wool insulates. It can keep you both cool and warm thanks to the fibres’ special structure, which is able to trap lots of air. It is the air in the textile that provides insulation, and a thin woollen plaid is therefore much warmer than a thicker one made of cotton, for example.

At The BrownHouse Interiors our focus begins on the raw wool so that we are always able to ensure that we can attain the desired quality that is then processed and transformed into plaids and cushions of a quality that will last for many years.

Additional information
Dimensions 240 × 140 cm