Wabi Sabi interiors London

Wabi Sabi Interiors London

Create this look in London with our help.

Wabi Sabi interiors London, This Axel Vervoort interior is a perfect example of this look

Here at The Brownhouse Interiors we have always embraced imperfection in our designs, this means that Wabi Sabi is a natural avenue for us. With its earthy neutral tones and rustic feel, the luxury comes in the textiles , the beautiful hand made or antique ceramics, the furniture is sparse but well chosen. It has a indoor/outdoor feel and look so you can also use outdoor pieces, (especially those that are weathered) indoors.

Wabi Sabi complete Lifestyle

Wabi Sabi Interiors London

Wabi Sabi is a lifestyle philosophy centred around the imperfect beauty of craftsmanship and the incomplete nature of spaces. First seen Japan in the 12th century, Wabi Sabi has been popularised globally through designers like Tatsuro Miki and Axel Vervoodt, whose works eclipse time, place or trend with their simple, textural aesthetic.

Wabi Sabi Walls and finishes

Wallpaer, lime wash, plaster or cement

Wabi Sabi Limewash paint

A fixture of traditional Japanese architecture, handmade lacquer ‘urushi’, made from the sap of the Urushi tree, is used as a natural living lacquer for screens, cabinets and as wallpaper, like this example below. Being water resistant it’s perfect for kitchens and bathrooms. Other options are Grasscloth Wallpaper or simply a lime wash paint


The Brownhouse Interiors are ready to assist you with your Wabi Sabi inspired interior design scheme



Ceramics are an integral part of the Wabi Sabi style way of life, they must not be perfect but they must be authentic and hand made. These can be used functionally or just as decoration . We have a super collection of pieces to choose from here in our shop or at our online shop.


Wabi Sabi Furniture t The Brownhouse Interiors

As with Ceramics the furniture pieces should be used, imperfect but originally handmade. We have a great selection to special order from a number of suppliers here at The Brownhouse Interiors.

No Matter how far you would like to go with tis look we are here to assist you in creating just the right ambiance you are looking for.

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